Marta (Ruta) Markagjoni

Born – Vig

Died – Lushnje

1914 – 1974

Marta Markagjoni

(Wife of Kapidan Mark Gjon Marku)

Arrest/Internment History

March 1945 – Arrested and held under house arrest in the home of Guljelm Luka in Shkodra.

July 1945 – Deported to the labor camp in Berat.

1949 – Transferred to concentration camp in Turan , Tepelene.

1954 – Transferred to labor camp sector Saver, Lushnja.

1968 – Transferred to labor camp sector Gjaze, Lushnja.

1974 – Died in Gjaze, Lushnja.

Marta Markagjoni the wife of Kapidan Mark Gjon Marku and mother of three children: Kristina, Celestina, and Gjon Mark. Marta developed lower extremity paralysis in Berat in 1947 and remained unable to walk for the remainder of her life.

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