Kapidan Sander Nikoll Gjomarkaj

Kapidan Sander Nikoll Gjomarkaj

Sander (Alex) was born in Germany and is the second son of Kapidan Nikoll Gjon Marku.

He completed his formal education in New York City and currently works as a Global Trader in New York City.

Sander first visited Albania in 1993 with his father Nikoll, who came after a 50 year exile. It was a very emotional journey for Nikoll as he was reunited with his brother Dede, sisters Marta and Bardha, nephew Gjon and nieces Kristina and Celestina, whom he had left behind in the concentration camp of Tepelene when he escaped in 1949. Sander was deeply moved by the reunion and in meeting his extended family for the first time. 

He has since become a very strong supporter of the family’s fight against property restitution and recognition of the sacrifices and and losses sustained by the family due to communism.

Sander lives in New York with his wife Miki.

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