Dava Markagjoni

Born – Kruja

Died – Berat

1860 – 1947

Dava Markagjoni

Arrest/Internment History

March 1945 – Sought refuge with family friends in Shkodra.

June 1946 – Deported to the labor camp in Berat and reunited with family.

1947 – Died in Berat August 1947.

Dava Markagjoni was from the Vlad family of Kruje, Lure e Poshtme.

She was the wife of Kapidan Marka Gjoni and mother of Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni. She was a devout Catholic and never faltered in her faith.

She was a constant source of comfort to her family during their internment and was sorely missed after her death.

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