Marta Markagjoni

Born – Orosh, Mirdite

Died – Shkoder

1916 – 2006

Marta Markagjoni

Arrest/Internment History

March 1945 – Arrested and held under house arrest at the home of Guljelm Luka, Shkoder.

July 1945-Deported with family members to the labor camp in Berat.

1946 – Arrested and held prisoner for 5 months under severe torture. Accused of reactionary actions against the government.

1947 – Sentenced to 10 years for being a revolutionary and inciting other internees against the government.

1950 – Released early and transferred to labor camp in Tepelene.

1953 – Transferred to labor camp in Saver, Lushnje, along with other members of her family.

1968 – Transferred to labor camp in Gjaze, Lushnje.

1991 – At the onset of democracy she was released from Lushnje and moved to her family home in Shkodra.

3 October, 2006 – Died peacefully at home.

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