Marta Markagjoni


Marta Markagjoni was born in Orosh, Mirdita on April 7, 1916.

Marta was arrested along with the family in March 1945 and sent to the labor camp in Berat.

She was being constantly monitored by the communist authorities due to her friendliness and helpful character toward other internees. Every time she went to the market she was surrounded by them, suffering more and more the government’s torturers, who hated her to death and watched her constantly, studying the slightest pretext to arrest her. She then retreated into the barrack and almost never went out. She spent a long time like this, shut in.

However, the day of the arrest came regardless, which was November 14th, 1946. For a good five months they kept her under constant torture and then sent her to court in March 1947. They accused her of being in the organization ‘Bashkimi Shqiptar’ (Albanian Union of Shkoder) in connection with the Catholic clergy. Of course all this was invented, but they could find no other excuse. They sentenced her to seven years and locked her up in a political prison.

Through her brother Nikoll‘s intervention via attorneys he knew, they were able to commute her sentence to three years. She was released in 1950 and rejoined her family in Tepelene. In 1953 they were all relocated to the labor camp in Saver, Lushnje where she would remain until democracy in 1991.

She lived most of her adult life in prison and camps, alongside her grandmother Dava, mother Mrika, sister Barhda and nieces and nephew Gjon, Kristina and Celestina.

Marta never married. Upon her release in 1991 she moved to the family home in Shkoder where she lived until her death in October, 2006.

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