Dede Gjon Marku

Born – Orosh, Mirdite

Died – Shkoder

1921 – 2015

Dede Gjon Marku

Arrest/Internment History

1945 – Arrested and convicted to 5 years prison for political insurrection.

1950 – Arrested for hostile activities against the government. Attempted escape and was arrested again and sentenced to 7 years.

1957 – Released and interned at Kyc, Vlore.

Prisons: Tirana, Burrel, Gjrokastra, Shkoder

1958 – Transferred to the camp in Lushnje.

1979 – Under house arrest in Lushnje for 3 years for political agitation and propaganda.

1991 – At the onset of democracy he was released and return to his family home in Shkoder.

24 January, 2015 Died peacefully at home.

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